Master the Magical 15 Minutes


Do you need:

  • A boost for your creative practice and confidence?
  • A spark for your creativity?
  • A tip for beginning to learn something new?
  • A trick for getting unstuck?
  • A method to postpone procrastination?
  • A tool to help your kids with learning something difficult?
  • A self-administered kick in the pants to just get on with a dreaded task?

Just last week Suzi Colpa and I were discussing these ideas with a group of women who attended our Tea and Tales event.    

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Book Review: Switch by Chip and Dan Heath

Don’t we all have a hard time with change? Have you ever wondered why? I read this book several years ago right when it came out. I was flying home from the east coast without anything to read.  When I walked into the airport bookstore the Switch just released display caught my eye and it … Read more Book Review: Switch by Chip and Dan Heath