What’s the Secret to Supporting Self-Directed Learners?

If you’re a parent who wasn’t homeschooled, you probably find yourself wondering, “How can I help my child be a self-directed learner when that’s not how I learned?”    Maybe you’re a parent who doesn’t want to homeschool, but you want to support your child’s learning and encourage them to enjoy lifelong learning. Here’s what … Read more

4 Things I Wish I’d Done When We Began Unschooling

If I’d known then, what I know now.. At least we can make changes as we keep learning. 1. Written in a journal every day I wish I’d started blogging, even privately, about our learning adventures while we were in the middle of them. (I also wish I’d done this from day one. No baby … Read more

My Love Affair with Libraries

My love affair with libraries started when I was very young.   I grew up in a town with a library housed in a section of a big fancy estate that had been donated to the town. It had giant leaded glass windows, window seats, balconies, nooks and crannies and a beautiful children’s room  which … Read more

How Can You Sleep Smarter?

Are you getting enough sleep? When someones asks, “How’d you sleep?”, what’s your answer?We haven’t been sleeping so well lately and  knowing how important sleep is so for health, learning, and functioning I’m trying to learn what we can do. If you are like me and my hubby, well, maybe it’s time to Sleep Smarter. … Read more

One Strategy for Practicing Unconditional Love

I’ve had a few hard conversations this week and witnessed some other folk’s difficult situations. Parenting, eldercare, working with people, relationships of all kinds give us opportunities to learn. Opportunities to be present. To see and be seen. To accept. To love. Sometimes in my exuberance and enthusiasm for the possibilities about what can be … Read more