The need to learn doesn’t end with the school day or graduation ceremony.

Our amazing ability to learn is available to us throughout our lives. So why not learn to

  • Support it?
  • Celebrate it?
  • Reclaim the joy of natural learning to meet our needs and goals and express our full selves?

These are the questions and ideas I play with, struggle with, succeed and fail with in my writing and my life. Especially the courage to grow up and become who I really am, I’m still working on it!

What are you interested in learning?

I’d love to know. I love talking about learning and finding ways to learn with others. I’ve got a huge to learn list that’s always growing. I especially love learning by doing–which can be slow or fast, and is usually messy. The Maya Angelou quote below is my touchstone to give myself some grace for being human and learning messily.

Do the best you can until you know better. When you know better, do better. – Maya Angelou

I refer to it a lot, along with my motto for self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning and living: ask hard questions, try new things, do what matters.

And always, remember to add lots of love and laughter along the way.

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LifeSPARKS Books support your power to choose to learn and live in ways that are true to your values, needs, and circumstances. They are playbooks for connecting with your purpose while embracing a process for learning confidently and courageously. They explain how to best support learning with big picture thinking and small daily actions to meet your goals. Each book includes examples, and exercises to guide you as you ask hard questions, try new things, and do what matters for intentional learning and living.