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I’d love to know. I love talking about learning and finding ways to learn with others. I’ve got a huge to learn list that’s always growing. I especially love learning by doing–which can be slow or fast, and is usually messy.

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  • Choose to learn and live in ways that are true to your values, needs, and circumstances.
  • Connect with your purpose and embrace a self-directed, heart-centered, connected process for learning with big picture thinking and small daily actions.
  • Use examples and guided exercises as you ask hard questions, try new things, and do what matters for intentional learning and living.

Highly recommend. This book is truly about life and how we can move through it in our personal and our professional lives. As a seasoned professional, I found a lot of practical advice and reminders and more than a few nuggets of wisdom. As a mother of two kids getting ready to enter the workforce, there’s so much in this book that I want them to know/have the chance to think about. A great gift for any one curious.

Amazon Review for Learn More, Worry Less, Love Learning

About so much more than learning or teaching a new skill! Nalbone writes about learning in a way that takes into account the whole person. These books are about a way to approach life with an open heart and an open mind. I felt uplifted by every chapter. While the ideas are big, Nalbone gives us small steps to take every day that can lead us to a lives full of more joy and love.

Amazon Review Harness the Power and Joy of Learning for Your Life