4 Weeks to Joyfully Learn What You Want

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 Framework for planning virtually any learning adventure

This is an ambitious effort to combine concepts and strategies described in her previous books into an organized, four-week framework that one can use to plan and evaluate virtually any specific learning adventure. This is more than just a step-by-step grid for breaking down a goal into a sequence of subgoals. Rather, it encourages one to consider a wide range of factors associated with successful learning and living. It takes a bit of work to become familiar with the definitions of the terms and acronyms used (e.g., milestones, process goals, destination goals, S.P.A.R.K., S.M.A.R.T.), but nevertheless provides a useful and flexible planning template.

Title: 4 Weeks to Joyfully Learn What You Want: Your Self-Directed Learning Journey to Plan and Reach Your Goals

Book 3, LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series

How Can You Start Self-Directed Learning?

Are you excited about taking learning into your own hands, but want some help to get started?

4 Weeks to Joyfully Learn What You Want is Book 3 of the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series. It’s designed to help you apply the LifeSPARKS process and strategies explained in Book 1 and 2 of the series.

Interactive exercises guide you to put the concepts into action in your life. It is a combined planner and journal to support you as you design and complete a month-long self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning journey.

The book is organized into three parts with daily and weekly exercises to support you as you take a new approach to learning.

  • Part I helps you connect with your purpose, set your goals, and identify the details you need to map out your journey.
  • Part II guides the small daily steps for your journey. On each day of your learning journey you will connect, direct, and reflect to guide your daily steps and progress toward the milestones for your destination.
  • Part III prompts you to reflect on your journey as you evaluate, celebrate, and integrate your learning.

Fire up your motivation while you create SPARKS of success that are:

Small and Specific






Test drive your self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning skills to embrace presence, purpose, and process each step of the way. Use the reflective and iterative LifeSPARKS process to support your learning and your life.