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Learn More, Worry Less, Love Learning

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Title: Learn More, Worry Less, Love Learning: Tried and Tested Strategies for Self-Directed, Heart-Centered, Connected Lifelong Learning
Book 2, LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series

3 Steps and 26 Strategies to Choose Real Learning for Real Life

Each chapter of Learn More, Worry Less, Love Learning is like a mini workshop and coaching session to support you and your family as you cultivate a life of learning that matters to you.

The A-Z Strategies in Book 2 of the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series will ease your worries and build confidence when choosing to learn in new and different ways. They support you as you deepen your understanding of self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning and put the LifeSPARKS principles, mindsets, and the Ask Try Do framework developed in Book 1 into practice.

These proven strategies help you:

  • Identify and ask for what you need
  • Breathe into bravery in order to begin
  • Make mindful learning and movement a part of your daily process
  • Trust yourself and your children
  • Choose to learn and embrace change
  • And so much more!

Book 2 was previously published as LifeSPARKS Guide and Workbook: Ask hard questions, Try new things, Do what matters. The redesigned book and updated edition includes revised and new material addressing whole brain, whole body, and social-emotional aspects of learning. It supports and challenges you to look inside and make the changes you need to achieve your goals while creating joy on your learning journeys.