LifeSPARKS ABCs for Lifelong Learning

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So many ways to use!

The thing I appreciated most about this book is that there are so many ways to leverage it. I can see referring to it when I’m stuck on a problem or having trouble at work. But I can also see referring to it when just feeling generally blah or when I want a “prompt” to have an adventure…Just open the page, see what it says then use the ideas to create your own way to bring a spark back to your life!

So many practical gems!

We all remember learning in school, but there are far fewer guides for life-long learning. Learning in adulthood can feel overwhelming and complicated, but Lisa Nalbone’s ABC’s for Lifelong Learning teaches us that it is as simple as taking one step at a time. Communicated simply and clearly, and illustrated beautifully, there are many gems to get started learning in any arena. My favorite was the “F’s”: Friend loyally, fail fearlessly, follow-through, flourish and flow! The book feels like a warm cup of tea and could also be a wonderful gift to support anyone who is eager to partake of the lifelong learning journey.

Immensely helpful!

Author Lisa Nalbone uses each letter of the alphabet to provide an inspiring & helpful tip on how to incorporate joyful and positive learning throughout our lives. I really enjoyed it. Includes both reminders of what I know I should be doing (but too often forget to do!) along with wonderful brand new ideas. I’ve added it to my “perfect gift” list for friends.

Title: LifeSPARKS ABCs for Lifelong Learning

Spark a lifelong love of learning that can happen anytime, and anywhere.

The LifeSPARKS ABCs illustrate playful reflections on strategies to spark curiosity, creativity, and confidence while pursuing joyful learning from life. This book is a companion to the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series which explores self-directed, heart-centered, connected intentional learning and living.

From A-Z, you can learn in so many ways,

Not just in classrooms, or on school days.

You can learn if you want, you can learn if you choose,

So why are you waiting?

There’s nothing to lose!

Spark up your learning to spark up your life,

When things are easy or when there is strife.

Be brave, and smile, and at all times be YOU.

Just choose to learn and to ask, try, and do!

What do you want to learn?