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LifeSPARKS ABCs for Lifelong Learning

Amazon Review

Title: LifeSPARKS ABCs for Lifelong Learning

Spark a lifelong love of learning that can happen anytime, and anywhere.

The LifeSPARKS ABCs illustrate playful reflections on strategies to spark curiosity, creativity, and confidence while pursuing joyful learning from life. This book is a companion to the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series which explores self-directed, heart-centered, connected intentional learning and living.

From A-Z, you can learn in so many ways,

Not just in classrooms, or on school days.

You can learn if you want, you can learn if you choose,

So why are you waiting?

There’s nothing to lose!

Spark up your learning to spark up your life,

When things are easy or when there is strife.

Be brave, and smile, and at all times be YOU.

Just choose to learn and to ask, try, and do!

What do you want to learn?

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