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Harness the Power and Joy of Learning for Your Life

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Title: Harness the Power and Joy of Learning for Your Life

Book 1, LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series

Why Does Self-directed, Heart-Centered, Connected Learning Matter?

Have you ever struggled with learning?

Or been unsure how to support your child–tween, teen, or young adult–struggling with their learning?

Have you felt pressured into thinking that learning is only:

For grades, school, college, jobs, or to prove your worth? Determined by a degree with just one path to success? An anxiety-ridden and cutthroat race to the top with few winners?

It’s not true! You are born to learn. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or just trying to figure out your own path, you’ve got this!

You can choose to harness the power of our networked brain, body, and heart systems to support learning that matters for life. Even better, to enjoy learning all life long for yourself, your kids, and your communities.

Book 1 in the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series, Harness the Power and Joy of Learning for Your Life, helps you ASK the biggest, overarching questions about your beliefs and understanding of learning. You will learn the foundations for successful self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning and living.

  • A simple framework to help you stay true to your purpose
  • Why self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning works
  • LifeSPARKS Learning principles that give confidence for making choices and taking action
  • Systems for setting priorities, goals, and learning tasks
  • Mindsets and habits to guide daily connection, direction, and reflection

Use self-directed and heart-centered learning to connect with ourselves and our children as we learn to:

  • Cultivate sparks of learning and joy while planting seeds of success.
  • Know and show our true selves, and help others become their true selves.
  • Confidently ask hard questions, try new things, and do what matters.

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