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Celebrating LifeSPARKS Series Anniversary with Free Ebooks May 17-21, 2024.

“The LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series is a solid set for families looking for resources and new perspectives on helping to support a child’s learning. I had the opportunity to read through them and I also vouch that they are great for anyone who considers themselves a lifelong learner. The lessons, perspectives, and activities are helpful for anyone who works in managing and teaching others or feeling stuck in their own learning journeys.”

Crystal Apilado

Last May, after a five year gestation incorporating new learning and research, I finally pressed publish for the books in the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series.

The next day, I left the country for a six-week trip to visit my son ,who was living in France at that time. It was also the first trip my husband and I had been able to take for many years due to the constraints of parental caregiving. It was space between the end of my father-in-law’s incredible journey through life, and us contemplating what we wanted next in our own journeys. Time to apply the LifeSPARKS lifelong learning strategy for Q – Question.

The trip flew by and so did the past year — full of exploring, reconnection, many hikes, plenty of mistakes and frustrations, and all sorts of learning, unlearning, relearning, and all the feels. I’m especially feeling grateful for the support I had to write and publish these books. I want to share that by offering two of the LifeSPARKS books for free from May 17-21.

The LifeSPARKS ABC’s for Lifelong Learning is a very short and accessible picture book format with original color illustrations paired with a poem or reflection for each A-Z lifelong learning strategy.

Learn More, Worry Less, Love Learning: Tried and Test Strategies for Self-Directed, Heart-Centered, Connected Learning builds those same A-Z strategies into chapters that are similar to mini-workshops with exercises and challenges to apply each strategy in your life.

I used these strategies while parenting, teaching, homeschooling, and caregiving. I’m still using them as I navigate the empty nest and heading into retirement. Thank goodness we can still keep learning!

I hope you’ll grab your copies and share your ideas and what you are excited about learning. Below is what a busy mom, community volunteer and journalist had to say about the books:

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