On the Road Again

Dinner in our campervan in Etretat ,France

Bonjour! We are on the road, in a small campervan in France. FRANCE!!! We finally are going to visit our French exchange son, Timothee. Tim lived with us for six months back in 2006 and he celebrated his 14th  birthday with us. Not only did he polish his English, he also experienced unschooling, at its … Read more

Book Review: Far From the Tree: Parents Children and the Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon

962 Pages. 3 pounds. Truly, I wish I’d gotten the kindle edition. The size and weight of the print book prevented me from carrying it along at all times which really slowed my reading. The ideas were at least as heavy as the  book. It was painful. Heartwarming. Tragic. Hopeful. Agony. Thought-provoking. Fraught. Important. Not … Read more