I Can’t Learn One More Thing!

Did you ever have a day or time in your life when your brain felt so full and the learning was so demanding that you just might explode? You’re ready to yell, “I can’t learn one more thing!” Many years ago, in the office of Armistice ( a community organization in Seattle  working on peace … Read more

Summer Reading & Treats

Wow – I have some great non-fiction reading  for this week. Half the Sky is my book group pick, Wild comes recommended by a member of the book group, and I have my very own copy of Decisive, thanks to Derek Halpern at Social Triggers.  I loved the Heath Brothers other two books, Made to … Read more

Picnic in La Dordogne – Eating and Drinking our Way through France

We are loving exploring the French countryside and the regional fare and wines. Our simple picnics and campground dinners are transformed into gourmet fare with fresh and local produce, specialities and, of course, du vin. Du vin, s’il vous plait. The one expression we have mastered. Do not worry. Even though we take photos with … Read more