Master the Magical 15 Minutes


Do you need:

  • A boost for your creative practice and confidence?
  • A spark for your creativity?
  • A tip for beginning to learn something new?
  • A trick for getting unstuck?
  • A method to postpone procrastination?
  • A tool to help your kids with learning something difficult?
  • A self-administered kick in the pants to just get on with a dreaded task?

Just last week Suzi Colpa and I were discussing these ideas with a group of women who attended our Tea and Tales event.    

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Book Review: Slow Homeschooling by Milva MacDonald



Slow Homeschooling:Essays About Mindful Homeschooling

This is a small but mighty book.  Just 64 pages, it contains a powerful collection of 23 essays that touch upon a range of issues that parents grapple with as they explore the decision about homeschooling, and more issues that arise once they start on their homeschooling journey.

Take a look at the table of contents:   

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What’s the Secret to Supporting Self-directed Learners?


If you’re a parent who wasn’t homeschooled, you probably find yourself wondering,

“How can I help my child be a self-directed learner when that’s not how I learned?”           

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3 Simple Steps for Self-directed, Lifelong Learning

3 steps for self-directed lifelong learning at

Here is a link to my guest post titled How to Use the Ask Try Do Framework for Self-directed Learning published on the Outschool blog.   OUTSCHOOL is a platform to make it easier for finding and offering activities for homeschoolers, something that would have been great to have while we were unschooling.

The post is about using the Ask-Try-Do framework, explained in my book, and applying it in two subject areas—writing and history.

Transitioning from the school mentality to self-directed learning can be tricky at first.

Like peeling an onion,  making the change to self-directed learning can happen one layer at a time.

Here are two examples of applying the Ask-Try-Do Framework to subject areas from our homeschooling journey. 

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