Master the Magical 15 Minutes


Do you need:

  • A boost for your creative practice and confidence?
  • A spark for your creativity?
  • A tip for beginning to learn something new?
  • A trick for getting unstuck?
  • A method to postpone procrastination?
  • A tool to help your kids with learning something difficult?
  • A self-administered kick in the pants to just get on with a dreaded task?

Just last week Suzi Colpa and I were discussing these ideas with a group of women who attended our Tea and Tales event.    

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Self-directed Learner Mid-year Mobility Check

Mobility is a beautiful thing. Physical, social, or intellectual Being able to move, to be fluid, to progress. To change. To choose. To feel the power and joy of moving, reaching, stretching, walking, growing. Last week I lost my physical mobility for a few days after overdoing it with house and yardwork, party prep, high … Read more

A Real World Resource that Rocks: Your Library

If you’ve been here before you already know that I love libraries! Libraries were a favorite resource for me long before starting down the homeschooling/unschooling/uncollege path. Libraries have been a mainstay of knowledge, information, friendships, free and low cost books and other learning materials, and access to the internet. They provide low cost options for … Read more

I Love Museum Learning Resources

Museums are one of my favorite resources for learning.   Museum Learning Resources extend your learning beyond the initial visit and inspire creativity, learning, and silliness! I love museums No matter where I see um Tiny modern village or giant ancient city A wealth of learning and opportunity Tours or classes or wandering alone Indoors or … Read more