M is for Make

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to you by the Letter M. Make. Make learning meaningful and fun. Make mistakes and messes and music and meals.  Make memories.  Make mindfulness and movement a part of every day. Make decisions, make the effort, make things happen. Make a difference.  Make! What motivates you … Read more M is for Make

Happy Anniversary!

Can’t just post the vows without a little reminiscing (bragging).  We had the most awesome,fun, incredible and unique wedding event. I can see it is time to scan some photos since we married and courted in pre-digital times. The night before we started with a DIY “rehearsal dinner”.  Friends rom far away who had arrived … Read more Happy Anniversary!

In Memory:Bradley Jay Nalbone Sep.3, 1985- Oct. 9, 2010

Note: this post was written two years ago but I want to send it out today to honor the memory of my nephew and because I think we can all use the reminders to cherish our children and make the effort to extend our kindness to those suffering from loss. One year ago today my … Read more In Memory:Bradley Jay Nalbone Sep.3, 1985- Oct. 9, 2010