M is for Make

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to you by the Letter M.


Make learning meaningful and fun.

Make mistakes and messes and music and meals.

 Make memories. 

Make mindfulness and movement a part of every day.

Make decisions, make the effort, make things happen.

Make a difference.


What motivates you and how are you making learning beyond school happen?  For yourself? For your kids? Is learning beyond school a new idea for you?  What is your best source of support?  

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4 thoughts on “M is for Make”

  1. i love the emphasis on “doing” that is in the word “make.” make is active, involved, forward-thinking, and bold. i like being a “maker.”

  2. Think I’ll print this one out for the fridge : )
    Feels so good to know others feel exactly the same way (and know how to put it into words!)

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