“You Can’t Build on Broken”

I was awed by Angela Blanchard when I heard her speak at Business Innovation Factory Summit #7.   This morning I was re-inspired listening to her talk from TEDxHouston 2011. My head is spinning thinking about how to take what she’s learned about asset based community development and try it in other situations, and just how … Read more“You Can’t Build on Broken”

Getting Unstuck – Helping Yourself by Helping Someone Else

Last night I had dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. She asked how I was, and I shared my frustrations with taking care of my mom and feeling stuck.  I mentioned how I’d been reading a lot of blogs of younger people who were on fire and “making sh*t happen” like  DaleJStephens … Read moreGetting Unstuck – Helping Yourself by Helping Someone Else

Sharing Meals, Building Community

What more can you ask for? Good company, good food, good conversation. A means of nourishing our bodies as well as our souls. For me there is no better way to introduce new people and nurture ongoing relationships than sharing meals with friends. Depending on your group you can celebrate milestones, commiserate and support each … Read moreSharing Meals, Building Community

Making Connections: Book Review 52 Cups of Coffee

Coffee with new 52 Cups book, read an interview with author Megan Gebhart at http://www.lisanalbone.com/2011/08/making-connections/

Today I was thinking about my wonderful friends and how they often also serve as mentors, or help me make an important connection that comes just when I need it. But what if you went out seeking those types of connections or mentors? And spent time meeting with them and reflecting on what you learned? … Read moreMaking Connections: Book Review 52 Cups of Coffee