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Sharing Meals, Building Community

What more can you ask for?

Good company, good food, good conversation.

A means of nourishing our bodies as well as our souls.

For me there is no better way to introduce new people and nurture ongoing relationships than sharing meals with friends.

Depending on your group you can celebrate milestones, commiserate and support each other in transitions or losses, or simply share and enjoy the passage of time.

Perhaps you will make opportunities to challenge each other as you discuss issues and brainstorm ideas for solutions.

Or, you may learn or be introduced to  something completely unexpected.

Today I was lucky enough to do all of the above with two different communities I am grateful to have in my life: a group of homeschool/unschool moms and different group of local family friends.

These two different groups have been so valuable to me and our family over the years as we made parenting and education choices, weathered family illnesses, and celebrated life.

Even in our wedding vows, we committed to making time in our lives for gatherings of friends and family.  We never realized  how important reaching out to invite friends and other families to our home would be to us and our only child.

I know  when we all have busy, hectic lives with so many scattered obligations it may seem easier just to stay home or not bother to entertain.  Yet, I encourage you take the time and trouble to invite people over.

When you are invited, say yes.

And keep on doing it. It is worth the effort.

And it’s delicious, too.

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