Happy Anniversary!

Can’t just post the vows without a little reminiscing (bragging).  We had the most awesome,fun, incredible and unique wedding event. I can see it is time to scan some photos since we married and courted in pre-digital times. The night before we started with a DIY “rehearsal dinner”.  Friends rom far away who had arrived … Read moreHappy Anniversary!

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Wedding Vow Preparation and Reflection at the Beach: 25 Years Later at www.LlisaNalbone.com

My 25th  wedding anniversary is in two days. Summer solstice time.   Time to reflect. I read my vows and get teary. They are so great. Sweet. Naive. We spent so many hours at the beach, sifting through beautiful, smooth stones as we discussed, chewed on, wrangled, and negotiated over what we wanted to say, … Read moreWhat’s Love Got to Do With It?

It Takes a Community…

It takes a community, www.lisanalbone.com

Stuck.     Again.    Sigh. Time for a break. I decided to take care of a few errands. I walked down to one of my local tasting rooms, Berryessa Gap Winery.  Happily, in Winters, even though you walk downtown on your own, you don’t have to taste alone. I ran into a couple in … Read moreIt Takes a Community…


Volunteer with Winters Friends of the Library Youth Day Parade Trophy

Award Winning and Life Changing Winner of the Winters 2012 Youth Day Parade Sweepstakes Trophy  -drumroll please–Winters Friends of the Library (WFOL)!  Yipee!!! Making skirts, researching books with iconic images that spanned the 76 years to fit the parade theme, gathering to rehearse the hand jive and marching with our amazing once a year band … Read moreVolunteer!