Books for Babies program of the Winters Friends of the Library, Remembrance at LisaNalbone.comRecently a friend and comrade in library love, Susie Swenson, passed away. She went peacefully in the arms of her husband and son surrounded by love and family.  She fought a long  battle with the dreaded capital C,  since her twenty-something son was only a toddler. So many rallies and such determination to live. She will be so deeply missed by her family, friends and community.

Susie was the power-house behind one of  Winters Friends of the Library’s (WFoL) most important and beloved programs, Books for Babies.

WFoL donates a box of books, information about early literacy, a library card application, a baby tee-shirt that says  “Let’s Read!,” a complimentary membership to WFoL available in both English and Spanish.  We try to give a box to EVERY  Winters baby. The program started in 2003, and this year we have given out a record 37 boxes in just two months! You can support this ongoing legacy here.

Remembrance, LisaNalbone.comPersonally, Susie and I connected about being moms of only sons, our passions for education and for creatively turning fresh tree-ripened fruit into jams, sauces or chutneys. We earnestly discussed motivation, bullying, books, and recipes.

As I am jamming and saucing in the next weeks, I will have tears in my eyes and fond memories in my heart.  Thank you, Susie, for the many ways you touched my life and the life of the community.


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