Seasons of a Self-directed Learning Journey


To everything (turn, turn, turn)

There is a season (turn, turn, turn)

And a time to every purpose, under heaven….


This photo from 4 years ago turned up in my Facebook timeline this morning.


Learning to play ukulele, playing and singing with other people, has been a challenging and rewarding self-directed learning project for me. And there have been seasons – when I first started I was excitedly practicing every day and meeting with my mostly homeschool mom friends weekly with our matching blue dolphin ukes. We went to Uke Festivals and workshops. I was so excited I wrote a song and created a photo series I call Dr. Uke says…to show what songs I was working on and how I was feeling. The group was evolving, I started working on the books, and mom’s illness progressed. The season and my learning journey shifted.    Continue reading “Seasons of a Self-directed Learning Journey”

What’s the Secret to Supporting Self-directed Learners?


If you’re a parent who wasn’t homeschooled, you probably find yourself wondering,

“How can I help my child be a self-directed learner when that’s not how I learned?”            Continue reading “What’s the Secret to Supporting Self-directed Learners?”

LifeSPARKS Books Provide Inspiration and Tools for Lifelong Learning

The LifeSPARKS Workbook and Journal titles are kind of a mouthful!  What exactly do they mean?  Who are they for?

Why read these books?

To find insights, inspiration, tips, and A-Z strategies to support a lifelong journey of joyful learning and courageous action– for you and your kids.

They are not recipe books telling you exactly what to do. Because you are you,  and your child is not Dale.

But you will find what I’ve learned, often the hard way, both in the classroom and from unschooling my child, and myself.

Choices and challenges for big picture thinking with simple action steps to create the best path and environment for your goals.  Continue reading “LifeSPARKS Books Provide Inspiration and Tools for Lifelong Learning”