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Wishing You a New Year of Learning

The need to learn doesn’t end with the school day or graduation ceremony.

Our amazing ability to learn lasts throughout our lives. So, why not learn to support, revel in it, and reclaim the joy of learning to meet our needs as we grow into our full selves?

The books in the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series can help. They explain how to best support learning with big picture thinking and small daily actions to support your needs and goals. They show you why and how to focus on purpose and process rather than products and performance. Each book has information, examples, and exercises to help you ask hard questions, try new things, and do what matters to choose learning for your life.

I’m so excited to be closer to releasing these books into the world and I hope you will want to journey with me into the self-directed, heart-centered, connected land of LifeSPARKS Learning.

Huge heartfelt thanks thanks to Ameryn Briggs for beautiful cover design, Eileen Rendahl for editorial support, and Carrie Svozil for the A-Z illustrations who has been a collaborator on adventures in learning from toddler times through parental caregiving. These books, including the companion ABCs for Lifelong Learning wouldn’t be here without you.

Wishing you all the best for your health, happiness and learning in the new year.


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