Book Review:UnSchoolers by Sophia Sayigh and Milva MacDonald

Did you ever wonder, what do unschoolers really do all day?

Now there’s a novel to give you a glimpse into the complex and wonderful world of unschooling.

I was excited when on of the authors of UnSchoolers reached out to me and asked if I would consider reviewing UnSchoolers.

The first thing I wanted to know was, who are the authors?

Two moms who unschooled their kids.   Continue reading “Book Review:UnSchoolers by Sophia Sayigh and Milva MacDonald”

Self-directed Learner Mid-year Mobility Check


Mobility is a beautiful thing.

Physical, social, or intellectual

Being able to move, to be fluid, to progress.

To change.

To choose.

To feel the power and joy of moving, reaching, stretching, walking, growing.

Last week I lost my physical mobility for a few days after overdoing it with house and yardwork, party prep, high heat, and too much fun with dancing on the patio in bare feet. My foot screamed at me with redness, swelling and inability to bear weight. Pierre dug out the crutches from my injury of a few years back. My arms and wrists yelled at me as I tried to use the crutches.  There was so much to do, I needed to push, push, push.

But my body was telling me to rest, to ice, to elevate.

To reflect and regroup.   Continue reading “Self-directed Learner Mid-year Mobility Check”

What’s the Secret to Supporting Self-directed Learners?


If you’re a parent who wasn’t homeschooled, you probably find yourself wondering,

“How can I help my child be a self-directed learner when that’s not how I learned?”            Continue reading “What’s the Secret to Supporting Self-directed Learners?”

Making Parenting Choices: Using the Ask-Try-Do Framework to Change your Approach to Learning

I love this quote of Diane Flynn Keith:

We can get too easily bogged down in the academic part of homeschooling, a relatively minor part of the whole, which is to raise competent, caring, literate, happy people.

I still shake my head at the time and energy we wasted when we began homeschooling by replicating a school mindset of separating learning from life.

We wasted time looking for the perfect curriculum to follow instead of asking what was really important to do to create a life of learning.

We were so in need of deschooling—especially me, the former schoolteacher.   Continue reading “Making Parenting Choices: Using the Ask-Try-Do Framework to Change your Approach to Learning”