M is for Make

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to you by the Letter M. Make. Make learning meaningful and fun. Make mistakes and messes and music and meals.  Make memories.  Make mindfulness and movement a part of every day. Make decisions, make the effort, make things happen. Make a difference.  Make! What motivates you … Read more M is for Make

K is for Keep

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School.  Brought to You by the Letter K.  Keep.  Keep going.  Learning beyond school may not be easy, but it is life long and so worth it. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Keep going, even when the going gets rough, you encounter resistance,  or your energy flags.  Keep … Read more K is for Keep

Garden Epiphanies

  I’ve been working in the garden these past few days of unseasonal warmth and dryness. After two weeks of illness I really wanted to be out and moving in the sun. I wanted to DO something where I could immediately SEE the results. I started on the weeds: onethera, bermuda grass, morning glory, and … Read more Garden Epiphanies

Gifts Worth Passing On: Encouragement, Affirmation, Gratitude, Trust

Today I ran into a friend, D, whom I hadn’t seen in many years. Over twenty years ago I was her daughter’s 5th grade teacher. D was the ace volunteer who spent most Fridays in the classroom with us. She attended field trips, helped with paperwork and gave her opinion when I asked for it. … Read more Gifts Worth Passing On: Encouragement, Affirmation, Gratitude, Trust

Sharing Meals, Building Community

What more can you ask for? Good company, good food, good conversation. A means of nourishing our bodies as well as our souls. For me there is no better way to introduce new people and nurture ongoing relationships than sharing meals with friends. Depending on your group you can celebrate milestones, commiserate and support each … Read more Sharing Meals, Building Community

August Angst

The time is now here To face your great fear: “What Should Do We Do With The Kids This Year? I mean, educationally speaking, my dear.” Public or private or homeschool, maybe? But Unschool or Charter, what will it be? What’s most important? How to Decide? What’s best for them or what’s best for me? What … Read more August Angst