Self-Directed Learning, Unschooling, UnCollege, Homeschooling

24 Core Questions for Self-directed Learners

10 Questions to Practice Reflection: Key to Success in Learning and Life

9 Steps to Help Self-directed Learners Deal with Difficulty

15 Ways to Kickstart your Curiosity

15 Ways to Make the Most of Learning

25 Kinds of Writing for Real to Help You Play with Writing

Attitude Matters:10 Attitudes to Spread the Love of Learning

Be Brave, Stand-up, Speak the Truth, Oh Yeah

Do You Ever Struggle Making Decisions?

Help! How do we start unschooling?

How Can We Build Better Relationships and Make Better Decisions?

How Can I Teach My Kids if I’m Not a Teacher?

How Do You Keep Going?

How to Support Self-Directed Learners

I Can’t Learn One More Thing! :The Power of Passion and Support

Is Asking for What You Need Hard for You? Here’s Something to Help

It’s All Up to YOU

Learning Projects that Work: Learning by Earning

Making Connections

Real World Research: Get Some Experience

Ten Tips for Teens to Thrive

What is Self-directed learning?

Why We Dared Leaving the System to Leap into Learning Beyond School

Why You Need to Volunteer Early and Often:Don’t Miss Out on Real World Learning



August Angst 2011  or  It’s August Again, Have You Got Angst?  2013

August Angst:Uncollege Version 2011   or   Got UnCollege Angst? 2013

Chaos, Challenge, Change


DIY Gifts: Doing +Giving = Gratitude, Saving the Budget and Making Memories

Do You Struggle with Decisions?

Don’t Forget to Go Outside!

Empty Nest Full Heart

Fall Reflections

Grow the Ca- Do  & DIY Mindset


How Do You Raise a Reader?

How Do You Raise a Writer?

Ode to an Unsung Hero

Parents, Remember This!

The Problem With Quality Time

Research, research, research

Saying Goodbye to Testing Trauma and Data Disorder

Start Your Day with some Gratitude!

Throw Away the Easy Button

What’s the Best Thing and Worst Thing About Homeschooling?

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

“You Must Be Soooooo Proud!”

Parent Interviews

Jane Andraka

Thiel Parents: Series Intro      Frances Zomer        Beth Field     Amy Walker


Tips for Raising  A Potential Thiel Fellow

Series Intro     1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11  12  13

 Thiel Fellow Closing Ceremony: Questioning the Experiment



A Mother’s Day Thank You


Getting Unstuck – Helping Yourself by Helping Someone Else

How to Create Community-3 Tips from Tweeps

It Takes a Community

My Love Affair with Libraries

Sharing Meals, Building Community


Winter’s Youth Day Parade -Community – Creativity- Celebration Tradition!

“You Can’t Build on Broken”


ABC’s of Learning Beyond School 

A  B  C  D  E   F   G  H   I   J   K  L  M  N  O  P   Q   R   S   T    U   V   W   X   Y   Z

A is for Ask, Ask Again

Be Honest

Explore! Update of E is for Explore

How Diverse is Your Network? N is for Network


T is for Trust Talk: What’s the Key?

Trust that if you are honest and pay attention, you can figure out your next step.



Do You take Advantage of Liminal Learning?

On the Road Again

Picnic in La Dordogne – Eating and Drinking Our way through France

Practicing What I Preach

Thailand Family Vacation

Travel Memories, Travel Dreams: Where Will You Go?



Adventures with Bridges in Ukulele, Learning and Life

Banish the Blues with Dr. Uke

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 Here’s to an Uplifting and Uncomfortable New Year

How to Make a Happy Ukulele

Start Your day Being Brave

Ukulele Unleashes Unbridled Urges


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A Paragraph Has 3 Farts 

Adventures with Bridges in ukulele, Learning and Life

Be Brave, Stand Up, Speak the Truth- Oh Yeah!

Garden Epiphanies

Got Questions About Homeschooling or Unschooling?

Gratitude and Hope

Happy Anniversary

Happy Mothers Day

In Memory: Bradley Jay Nalbone Sep,3 1985-Oct. 9, 2010





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