25 Kinds of Writing for Real to Help You Play with Writing

25 Kinds of Writing for Real to Help You Play with Writing

When you are trying to raise a child who loves to write, or kickstart your writing, you want to have fun with writing. Here is a list of 25 ways to enjoy writing and remember that when it comes to the ABC’s of Learning Beyond SchoolW is for Write.

Are you ready to play around with writing? Try writing a few of these:




books: ABC, on a topic, for a gift




gifts: a memoir, a poem, an appreciation, captions for photos or calendars

instructions: for a game they invent, the babysitter, house sitter



journals: project, gratitude, to capture memories and ideas

letters: love, thank-yous, newsy, sympathy, holiday, birthday

lists: shopping, field trip and vacation ideas, daily or weekly goals, wish, life



newsletters: about our learning, neighborhood, annual family, for organizations

notes: love, reminders, requests


plays and skits

proposals – how about if we do…

recipes that the kids invent

scrapbooks with your photos, from vacations, special events

signs and ads: sales, events, parties

stories:vignettes, real-life, make believe, examples.

25 reasons to write for real LisaNalbone.com
Can you think of more to add?


Don’t worry about making them or you into the best writers ever. Adopt a growth mindset. Believe that we can all improve our writing if we chose to. Focus on inspiring kids to write because they want to share their enthusiasm about a topic or love of the written word. Let yourself write for the same reasons.


We all know that having our own reasons for doing something taps into that wonderful intrinsic motivation and drive. When you want to tell a story or ask for something you care about, connect with others, or persuade someone to do something with you, writing becomes real rather than an exercise in a workbook disconnected from  your life.


Oh, and btw, when you want to help raise a writer, always remember to read, read, read. Why? Because R is for Read, of course, and there is a reason R comes before W.


What would you add to the list? Add your ideas in the comments.



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