Exploring Iceland

I love to travel just as much as I love to learn.

And every time I/we travel I learn so much even before the trip starts from researching, planning, and finding ways to be creative with the budget so we can see more while spending less.

Now that our child is an adult, we still try to find some time to travel and go exploring together. I’ve been encouraged by other friends with adult children who highly recommend making the effort even though it might require more creativity than it used to: partial trips, meeting up en route, or negotiating who does what.

Sometimes it gets pretty complicated.   

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Travel and Learning: 12 Topics to Take Beyond Textbooks

Travel and Learning:12 Topics to Take Beyond Textbooks, photo of marble section from the Roamn Forum, www.lisanalbone.com

Breathing in the air and aromas, walking in the footsteps or examining firsthand what I have studied or read about is thrilling. I get goosebumps just remembering the first time I: stood under the towering, majestic Redwoods I’d studied in Botany had a slow meaningful conversation in Spanish about education with a woman in the … Read more

Picnic in La Dordogne – Eating and Drinking our Way through France

We are loving exploring the French countryside and the regional fare and wines. Our simple picnics and campground dinners are transformed into gourmet fare with fresh and local produce, specialities and, of course, du vin. Du vin, s’il vous plait. The one expression we have mastered. Do not worry. Even though we take photos with … Read more