Exploring Iceland

I love to travel just as much as I love to learn.

And every time I/we travel I learn so much even before the trip starts from researching, planning, and finding ways to be creative with the budget so we can see more while spending less.

Now that our child is an adult, we still try to find some time to travel and go exploring together. I’ve been encouraged by other friends with adult children who highly recommend making the effort even though it might require more creativity than it used to: partial trips, meeting up en route, or negotiating who does what.

Sometimes it gets pretty complicated.   

But the complications are worth it.

Whether it’s chasing rainbows and waterfalls in Iceland, talking with Guesthouse hosts about their lives, tasting delicacies or everyday dishes, every new exploration leads to learning.

Are you ready to explore? Check back for more posts details on this trip to Iceland.

Back to chasing rainbows, waterfalls, and hot springs too!

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