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I Love Museum Learning Resources

Museums are one of my favorite resources for learning.


Museum Learning Resources extend your learning beyond the initial visit and inspire creativity, learning, and silliness!

I love museums

No matter where I see um

Tiny modern village or giant ancient city

A wealth of learning and opportunity

Tours or classes or wandering alone

Indoors or out, serious or  funny bone

Hands on and active, I surely do prefer

Deep dives and experience, a passion just might spur

 Art, science or natural history

Comics, or  mushrooms, or quilts inspire me

Buy a membership, a frugal investment

Learn all  you can from every crazy event

From the Crocker to the Getty

Explorit to Smithsonian

Museums are a resource

For every learning personian!

Museum learning resources fabulous and frugal family learning and fun.

Once we discovered that our near and dear hands-on science museum had a membership deal that got you into museums ALL OVER THE WORLD,  FOR FREE we became museum groupies.

Need to visit family members?

What fun museum would make a convenient meeting place and give everyone something new and interesting to do? Meeting grandparents or aunts and uncles at museums makes it fun to connect about learning or trying something new.

Wishing for something different to do on the weekend?

Check out the exhibits, concerts and classes offered by museums. Lots of times you can find freebies. Or maybe you just want to read, write in your journal, or have coffee in cafe with beauty all around you.  Many museum cafes have great food and no entrance fee. The first time I went to the Getty Museum made me wish we lived nearby, especially when I saw Friday night jazz concerts on the upcoming events schedule.

Don’t just think museums are for kids. Museums are great lifelong learners at any age. Many museums offer film series, socials, and a variety of ways to continue learning and connect with new friends.   We have enjoyed museums for family outings, birthday events,  and even date night. 


Take Aways and Tips!

  • Do a bit of research. Find a local museum or one online and check out the membership perks. Figure out what will give you the most bang for your buck.
  • Become a member at the level that gives you discounts on classes, events entry to other museums.
  • Go to the events! Try new things.
  • Plan and take trips to places that have free or inexpensive museums.
  • Whenever you have a trip, bop into a museum on the freebie list.  Use museums as “pit stops” on road trips.
  • Something got you excited? Follow up! Ask for recommended resources, classes, tips.
  • Check the website – do they have special homeschooler days, family days,  or  other learning resources? Classes? Workshops? Social events? Connections?
  • When you are at the museum – show your enthusiasm, ask questions, engage. They love their members.

We joined the Crocker Art Museum, in  Sacramento  and the Explorit Science Museum in Davis, CA. Back when we joined, our memberships got us into many Bay Area museums for free as well as museums in other states and countries.  Rules and visitor agreements are always changing, so do some checking to help you decide what’s best for you.

Just a few of the many standout museums for us were:

And so many more!  I hope that is enough to get you excited about finding some new museums to visit.  Here is a recent article on LifeHacker on museum perks.

What is your favorite museum?