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Getting Closer!

This week my cover designer for the LifeSPARKS Lifelong Learning Series made some headway. Thank you Ameryn!

Here is the cover for the ABCs for Lifelong Learning which is a compantion to the series. It is a picture book format that will showcase the colorful illustrations Carrie Svozil made to accompany the reflection on self-directed learning for each letter of the alphabet. A cross between serious and playful, there are lots of rhymes!

Truthfully, if my dear friend Carrie wasn’t always ready to jump into new learning, none of these books would probably exist. She volunteered to illustrate the A-Z blog posts I’d started writing about unschooling and unleashing learning. The she helped with slides when I was invited to speak at a conference. She’s been a willing adventurer with me into this land of self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning. I highly recommend inviting a friend along to share the laughter and tears while you both are learning beyond school.