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Clearing Out to Create

Las week I bit off more than I could chew. 

I had this big, detailed list of things I was going to

  • Clear
  • Create
  • Learn
  • Connect
  • Read

I started on almost all the items on my list, but  didn’t manage to complete any tasks.

So much stuff!

I didn’t complete the clearing.

Or the creating.

Which leaves me feeling frustrated for not finishing.

Sadly, this isn’t new for me.

Some things we have to learn again and again.

I used to make my list too long back when I was teaching, back in my student days.

It can become a habit, not the good kind, to always overshoot and then focus on what you didn’t accomplish.

Clear before you create:

Clarity of thought, mind, air, and surroundings helps you to challenge assumptions and make space for the creativity to come through.


Challenge yourself or your child to focus on that one next step to move forward.


And be sure to pay attention to and celebrate small wins and pebbles of progress.

My small wins from the past week:

  • I really had fun beginning to learn to use Adobe Spark and finding new trails of learning about design that interest me.
  • Got the details for the anniversary party invite and the menu decided.

Over to you:

What were your small wins last week?

What old belief or assumption do you want to clear out?

What will you create this week?

Wishing you a wonderful week of learning all the time, enthusiastically!

XXO Lisa

1 thought on “Clearing Out to Create”

  1. I am just stumbling across your page, and even though your post is over a year old, I would like to comment.
    My study/guest/sewing room are such a mess, it’s beyond normal. At least beyond my normal. 😉 I am in the midst of marking finals (12/140 done), so that’s an excuse, but it isn’t one that satisfies me. I’ve been meaning to clean and declutter for ages, and at the end of every school year, I do, but things just keep coming back.
    My little piece of learning this week: maybe I actually need the clutter to focus on the important things at work, with family and so on. Sometimes what gets left behind is time for myself and my sewing, though. So, before I started marking this time around, I bought fabric to make some piece of clothing for myself as a reward. 😉

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