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Book Review: Switch by Chip and Dan Heath

Don’t we all have a hard time with change? Have you ever wondered why?

I read this book several years ago right when it came out. I was flying home from the east coast without anything to read.  When I walked into the airport bookstore the Switch just released display caught my eye and it was a no brainer, even though I rarely buy new hardcovers (I use the library instead).  I had loved their book Made to Stick and, later Decisive, and I was in the middle of lots of change that was not going so well. I read the book straight through on the flight and often refer to the ideas when having conversations about change.


In Switch, the Heath Brothers lay out the underlying reasons why we have a hard time and steps to deal with these challenges.  I find their writing clear and engaging. They use stories and case studies to illustrate their concepts and include exercises for you to  put each idea into practice.

Switch, How to Change When Change it Hard is a great resource  if you are trying to make significant changes in your personal life, with your family or with an organization.The Heath Brothers have posted  additional resources to help you Switch at their website.

– A podcast series (episodes for social entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, etc.)

– A book-club guide

– A guide for applying the principles of Switch to organizational challenges

To get them, you must  sign up for their  email newsletter, which comes out rather erratically but always has useful information.

Here is a link to their website where you can download the first chapter in the book.

Happy Reading! Happy Change!

What changes are you working on?