How Can We Build Better Relationships and Make Better Decisions?

How can we build better relationships and make better decisions

How can we build better relationships and make better decisions LisaNalbone.comOnce you become a parents there are lots of decisions to make, and it is not always easy to decide what to do. We’ve had lots of big decisions to make; when Dale was a baby, with our parents, and as parents of an energetic and passionate young adult starting

Our experiences and my reading on navigating the new territory and challenges with decisions which go against the grain prompted me to write this letter.

Dear Parents and Hackademics:

I often hear from children, of all ages, frustrated about not getting parental support for a gap year, trying self-directed learning, or what I like to call learning beyond school.  I hear from parents who are unsure or upset about their child wanting to diverge from the path the parent thinks is right.

Quote from Lisa Nalbone's article Letter to Parents and Hackademics at link at LisaNalbone.comI see two issues getting in the way of Hackademics getting what they need and want.

One is an issue with how parents and kids communicate and interact around volatile topics. The second issue is with how we approach the decision making process. Just by virtue of being human, whether kid or parent, we have to fight the tendency to limit our options before we even start addressing what the right decision is.

So, if you need some secret sauce to help you communicate with your parents, understand each other better and “get to yes”, you’re in the right place. And if you have some thorny decisions ahead, read on.

Here is a bit of advice along with a few tips that can help you, parents and kids, have better interactions and make better decisions. These tips work for just about any topic. Do yourself and favor and use them.

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Quotes from from Letter to Parents and Hackademics at

Do you have any decision-making tips?  Add your thoughts in the comments. Thanks, Lisa.

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