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10 Questions to Practice Reflection: Key to Success in Learning and Life

Do you practice reflection?

Reflection is looking clearly and honestly at oneself to take responsibility for your actions, words, thoughts deeds, or undeeds.

Reflection is a critical component of learning and personal growth for parents, teachers, leaders and self-directed learners. It helps you learn and practice metacognitive skills.

Reflection requires you to pay attention, to listen and to be honest. It differs from pure introspection in that it assumes you will take action and that you are looking not only at yourself but at how you affect others.

Instead of blaming, making excuses or saying you just didn’t like something, you take ownership of your emotions, actions, and contribution to situations.

You move from “they”  thinking to “I” thinking which allows you to stop being a victim or giving away your power. You must be courageous enough to own your #%*! and not reject, deflect, or blame.

It’s tough.

It needs to be a daily, sometimes hourly choice.

It’s worth it.

This reflective practice, that you do each day with all your interactions, is where  the personal meets political. Where you walk your talk. Where you have the chance to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Reflection a Key to Success in Learning and Life at

On a daily basis reflect on what YOU have done and ask:

 Did I do what mattered?

 Did I show up fully and take responsibility?

 Did I live and act according to my values?

 Did I model what I want to teach?

Did I pay attention and listen?

 Did I make a positive contribution?

 What could I have done differently to improve a situation for myself or for others?

 What do I need to change ?

 How can I change my behavior?

 What are my next steps to improve, build, or change what I can?

model:A Powerful Way to Teach Reflection Photo copyright John Pierre Stephens

If you are a parent, teacher or leader you have the chance to model asking these questions and practicing reflection.

Teaching by example is the most powerful form of teaching.

You can show how to take responsibility and reflect for those who look up to you.

Please, practice reflection. Take responsibility. Pass it on.

I would love to hear your thoughts, thanks.  Lisa

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