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Z is for Zzzzzzz

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School Series. Brought to You by the Letter Z.


Zzzz when you must , Zzzz when you can,

Zzzz on a schedule or nap with no plan.

Zzzz to keep up your zest and keep up your zeal,

Zzzz  to  help you remember and help you heal.

Zzzz to enjoy what you love and explore,

Zzzz to help cope as well as to soar.

Zzzz in a hammock, a park or a bed,

Zzzz after lunch or before you’ve been fed.

Zzzzing  is a great way to charge up your brain,

And help you to  learn again and again.

Zzzz on your own or with ones you love,

Zzzzing will help with all the above.

The secret of life is not too profound,

You must Zzzzz enough, is what I have found


How do you get enough ZZZZZZZ?

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