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V is for Volunteer!

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School Series. Brought to You by the Letter V.

V is for Volunteer. Original artowrk copyright Carrie Svozil


Volunteer and you’ll learn in so many ways.

Volunteer once, or for years, or just a few days.

Volunteer when you’re happy, volunteer when you’re sad.

Volunteer even with little time to be had.

Volunteer for a cause that speaks to  your heart.

Volunteer and you just might find a new start.

Volunteer on vacation, to visit, to help with your time and your skills.

Volunteer – you might find new friends and work that fulfills.


4 thoughts on “V is for Volunteer!”

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  3. Sounds like we have had similar experiences with volunteer work. I have always enjoyed and learned from the work and made new friends, who turn into old friends. Agree with what you have said so well about gaining insight, perspective and getting unstuck. Thanks, Dawn for adding your perspective and prose to my poetry.

  4. i have participated in volunteer work of one kind or another since my late childhood. it has always seemed to me that volunteering is an integral part of who i am, who we are as a family, how we participate in community, society, the world.

    i think i derive as much fulfillment from my volunteer work as the people or organizations or communities receive via my efforts. i find out more about myself, gain insight into different perspectives, recognize my capabilities and challenges. and there’s nothing like volunteering when you’re feeling blue. helping someone else with what matters to them is a surefire way for me to get unstuck from what doesn’t really matter so much (after all) to me.

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