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Ukulele Unleashes Unbridled Urges

Blue ukulele, glass of wine and daily ukulele music book on deck. Ukulele Unleashes Unbridled Urges by Lisa Nalbone
My daily ukulele.


Or maybe it’s the wine?

The wine has loosened my tongue and inner editor.

But the ukulele and my ukulele group have  unleashed unbridled urges:

to create, to sing, to express myself, to unite with other ukelele players, to uncover the hidden or scared musician wannabee.

Well, ukulele and unschooling.

Thank goodness I  began my ukulele adventure with other unschooling moms.

A profoundly different atmosphere and attitude than previous music learning for me. A combination that urges me to:

  • just go for it
  • try things in new ways
  • not worry if I am strumming impaired
  • find a way that works for me
  • participate at whatever level I am able
  • apologize less and enjoy more.

Oh, I would have been a much better classroom teacher if I had this unschool ukulele experience in my gut and memory rather than my piano lesson memories  of my teacher saying,

“Dear me dear me, it is SUCH a shame. You are my hardest worker but you have NO TALENT!!!” You’ll never do me proud. Tsk Tsk.”


Group of unschool moms playing ukulele

From my uke/unschool friends, supporters and philosophers I know that:

  • I can find joy in trying
  • I can ask for help if I want to
  • I can take classes or go to uke fests if I want, or not
  • I can find all sorts of tutorials online.
  • I can practice as much or as little as I want to choose the amount of progress I want based on what I want to put in.

It is easy to find  a standard to try to live up to if I want, like my favorite of  Iz playing the Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ It’s a Wonderful World medley.

Or , I can happily croon Ukulele Lady on the deck all by myself, without a care as to how any one else would play it.

ukulele, wine and amazing grace music in garden Or, I can do both.

Celebrating choice, uniqueness and collaboration when desired.


Uncovering uniqueness.

Unlearning old messages that no longer serve us.

Uplifting and uproarious.


9 thoughts on “Ukulele Unleashes Unbridled Urges”

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  2. Umm, if you are ok with crooning on the slow side. In addition to my strumming impairment, I tend to make everything a ballad.

  3. ditto what jen said. it makes my heart happy to know that music, in whatever form, has a similar effect on others as it does on me.

    maybe you’ll play for me and i can croon along? 🙂

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