U is for Unite.

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School Series. Brought to You by the Letter U.


Unite with and bring together friends and fellow self-directed learners.

Unite with your networks and neighbors

Unite with ukulele enthusiasts ( I had to include uke. I’m a uke convert!)

Unite with others ready to make, do and go.

Unite to build community, get things done, and just have fun.

Unite the usual with the unusual, the unique, the  urban and urbane. (Random collisions often lead to inspiration and transformation, my experience at BIF7)

Unite to unwind, bring together, connect and unleash the power and joy of community.

Unite with one other for coffee or wine or  with an online community spanning the globe

Unite to understand, to uplift to keep going when unsure.


6 thoughts on “U is for Unite.

  1. and more timeliness: yesterday i was having a particularly difficult day. recognizing that i *should* probably not handle a parenting situation on my own because i was concerned i might botch it, i literally called in dh across the country to help. without need for explanation, just my request for help, he took over and handled it skillfully. i was so glad i had the presence of mind to remember this post and decided not to try to do things all on my own. the unity of my marriage relationship made both of us stronger – me feeling like i had a rock to lean on, him feeling more included even when he is away.

    when i explained this to our daughter afterwards, she recall to me a parable she read about boys being able to break sticks individually, but unable to break a bundle of them fastened together. the boys’ teacher explained that each of the boys was like a single stick, easily broken, but together they could be as strong as their bundle of sticks.

    even those of us who often try to “go it alone” or are natural introverts see the need, and value the opportunity for, unity with others. it is an admirable trait when one is able to recognize the importance of unity.

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