Q is for Question????

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School Series. Brought to you by the Letter Q.


Question in order to quench your thirst for knowledge and quicken your curiosity.

Question authority, the status quo, sources of information, power and  money.

Question reasons, background, goals, systems and underlying beliefs.

Query loudly if needed and don’t be afraid to ask:

who,  what,  where,  when,  how,  and

 why,  why,  why?”


Question quality and quantity.

Question quietly, thoughtfully, reflectively.

Question yourself daily,  “Am I doing what matters?”  and give yourself some quiet time to listen.

To Quote :

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.The important thing is to not stop questioning. – Albert Einstein


What do you think is the most important question for you? What word would you have chosen for the letter Q? Why?  

Love to hear from you in the comments, Lisa

5 thoughts on “Q is for Question????

  1. Questions so wonderful and tiring, at times. Sometimes they came so fast and furious I had to find a way to capture the questions for another time. We used a notebook, in our digital dark age, but seems like there would be many options for little ones to start capturing their own questions -recording devices? Since questions often come up at inconvenient times, and you don’t want them to be lost.

    Replenishing energy is a whole new blog topic, I think. Thanks, Dawn. Here’s a few off the top of my head. One of my favorites was always the sleep or quiet experiment. Who could fall asleep fastest, or stay quiet or still longest. Or a few minutes of everybody silent reading their own book and cuppa something wonderful. A few minutes of wild dancing and/or deep breathing always helped me, too.

  2. yes, Yes, YES! dh encourages dd to ask “who says?” sources matter! and it’s so important to get ourselves into places, both physically and emotionally, where questioning is the norm and its value recognized and honored. and where answers can be found, or at least explored, in safety or security.

    it is so hard for me to address so many questions from my inquisitive little ones, especially when my energy reserves are low. how can i replenish? ideas from “been there, done that” land would be most welcome!

  3. You are welcome , thanks for commenting. I am also reminding myself. It is so easy to get caught up in things that don’t really matter, but claim our attention.

  4. “Am I doing what matters?” – that IS a good question. Thanks for the reminder! Easier to stay on (own) track when we ask

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