P is for Play!

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to you by the Letter P.


Please,oh please, play every day.

Play inside and outside and every which way.

Plan a party, play music, or perform in some plays,

Playing is learning, it’s not just a craze.

You just might solve problems, paint pictures or find new ways,

To make peace, persevere, or get through a maze.

Playing can lead to your passion or path,

Help reduce stress and make you laugh.

I’m up on my pedestal and just have to say

Parents and children you really must play.


What is your favorite way to play? 

8 thoughts on “P is for Play!

  1. Such a good point! I love how you said it “being a passenger instead of merely an observer.” Reminded me that when Dale was little I’d sit in the sandpile with him and my name would be Little Lisa instead of Mom while we played. Thanks for your thoughtful reply, I am sorry it took me so long to respond. I need to play around with my inbox messages a bit more.

  2. it’s so much easier to play with kids when one is willing to share eye level with them. i find that the floor, not a chair, is more often my seating place when playing with my kids.

    i recently took my kids back to my old volunteer haunt, cosi (center of science and industry) and loved how in little kidspace, there were plenty of easy to move, low cushions for parents/grandparents/caregivers to sit on (being on the ground for extended periods can be hard on older bones). those seats allowed us to be at eye level, perfect for conversation and interaction. and most of the structures had plenty of space available for adults to come in and play with their children, rather than watching from the sidelines. i was able to be a passenger, instead of merely an observer, in my son’s helicopter ride!

  3. Thanks> I didn’t realize I had such a repressed longing to be seussical and musical.

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