O is for Open

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to you by the Letter O.


Open your eyes and observe.

Open your heart to finding and following your path.

Open your mind to learning in new and myriad ways.

Open doors to new opportunities and change

Open your arms and embrace the uncertainty.

Open your hands and offer your gifts to the world.

Open gateways, windows, latches, enclosures.

Open wide self-imposed limitations. Open up outside limitations.

Open yourself to original options to overcome obstacles.

 Or,  as Ali Baba says,  “Open Sesame”  


What has learning beyond school opened in your life?  Would you choose a different word for the letter O? Please tell me in the comments. Lisa

3 thoughts on “O is for Open

  1. Thanks, Carrie.. Excellent point. Being open to making tough choices, completing projects and focusing on an area is just as important as being open to new things.

  2. O, I love this one Lisa. I think I will be open to the idea of finishing a hanging project before I start something else.

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