L is for Listen

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to you by the Letter L.


Learn to listen, really listen, without reacting. (Sometimes so hard to do!)

It doesn’t mean you have to do what the person is saying to you. Listening is such a fantastic way to learn, connect  and love.


Listening skills are something you can keep on learning, modifying, improving.

Listening, like so many skills, is best practiced and learned by doing.

Listen with empathy. Try to listen without preconceived notions, baggage from your personal history, or listing what you want to say.

Listen to folks with different  kinds of experience, backgrounds, viewpoints.

Listen to your self, that inner voice.

Listen to nature, stillness, quiet.


Listening actively is a powerful, not passive,  skill.

Listen lovingly, openly, non-judgmentally. (Sometimes such a challenge!)

Consider what you have learned from your listening

Then listen to your heart.

Act on those things which are true and help you live, laugh, love and learn.


Does listening help you learn? Is listening a challenge for you?   What word would you choose for the letter L?

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