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E is for Explore!

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School.  Brought to You by the Letter E.


Explore new places and new people.

Explore a new neighborhood, a new coffee shop, an untried organization or meet-up.

Explore new activities  that you never thought you would like or even try.

Explore a new museum, an alternative cuisine, a flash mob.

Experiment as you explore to see what you like, learn and are drawn to.

Explore new sections of the library, the bookstore, the archives. What can you delve into that is unchartered territory for you?

Explore new topics and publications, online or in-hand, in different fields of science, genres of literature, approaches to politics, religion, analysis.

Explore and experiment with  different approaches to thinking, learning  and life.

Explore and expand beyond your typical borders. Get out of town, the country or continent.


What would you choose for the letter E?  Can you think of another realm to explore?  What are you exploring these days?

Click here to see the updated post with illustration.

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