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Ode to an Unsung Hero

Happy Father's Day, a fthers day tribute at

Happy Father's Day, a fthers day tribute at www.lisanalbone.comThis post was written when I saw the Unschooling Blog Carnival’s June Theme Celebrating Fatherhood. I realized I don’t express my appreciation enough and decided I wanted to chime in.  I get lot of strokes for being Dale’s unschooling mom . But really,  I couldn’t have done it without Pierre.

Dad went to work while we got to play.

And learn and do and make all day.

He was tired and sometimes grumpy,

Maybe envious, sometimes even jumpy.

But he kept on going, just to make sure,

We’d have all we needed and more.

Father's Day Poetic Tribute LisaNalbone.comDad is very frugal, some would say cheap.

Cost analysis aside, he took the leap.

Tried unschooling though he was fearful,

Worried, unsure, sometimes even tearful.

Scared to step off the path and risk standing out,

With courage he proceeded, although filled with doubt.

But doubt was replaced with wonder and joy,

And learning adventures with his baby boy.

Time for travel, for music, and to volunteer,

Cooking and building and learning French in one year.

Resistance started to fade when Dad couldn’t deny

The evidence of his son starting to fly.

Dad welcomed new friends to our home and on trips,

Offered to lead classes, hikes and came to grips,

With many conflicts of both wants and needs,

Dad’s introversion and son’s extrovert  deeds.

Dad shared his skills, his love and his TIME

Always answering questions, whatever reason or rhyme.

Determined to connect at the end of each day,

Dad read bedtime stories or shared in some way.

Conversations, or news, or jokes, or a gaff,

Sharing a smile, a ball toss or laugh.

Dad misses that now since our chick’s flown the nest,

And often wonders, did we do what was best?

So many challenges, joys and surprises,

Late sleepless nights and early sunrises.

Dad quietly doing what needs to be done,

I’m one lucky mom with one lucky son.

So here’s a toast to you, hubby, and father and friend:

Thank you, sweetheart, I would do it again.

Happy Father's Day toast, Ode to an Unsung Hero at

Happy Father’s Day!



How do you celebrate the father’s in your life?






7 thoughts on “Ode to an Unsung Hero”

  1. You are welcome. Thank you for organizing the Carnival. I always feel a bit embarrassed about my attempts at rhyme, but I keep trying.

  2. Lisa, this was such great tribute. I love that it was in poem-form! Thanks for contributing to the Unschooling Blog Carnival this month. Hope that will continue!

  3. Thanks! Don’t know why imperfect verse strikes me at times of great feeling, but it does.


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