From Fear to Celebration: 5 Strategies to Transform Your Approach to Rejection

Fear of rejection and putting yourself into the world limits your ability to learn and grow. Celebrating rejection, instead of fearing it, transforms the person experiencing rejection from a victim of others choices, to the courageous chooser of opportunity. You can learn to change your mindset about fearing rejection to celebrating rejection.

As with most celebrations, celebrating rejection will make you happier. And if it still sounds impossible, there are at least five practical steps that you can take to get better at being rejected. You can choose to transform your relationship with rejection to allow yourself to bravely pursue your goals as you ask hard questions, try new things, and do what matters.  Continue reading “From Fear to Celebration: 5 Strategies to Transform Your Approach to Rejection”

Book Review: Slow Homeschooling by Milva MacDonald



Slow Homeschooling:Essays About Mindful Homeschooling

This is a small but mighty book.  Just 64 pages, it contains a powerful collection of 23 essays that touch upon a range of issues that parents grapple with as they explore the decision about homeschooling, and more issues that arise once they start on their homeschooling journey.

Take a look at the table of contents:    Continue reading “Book Review: Slow Homeschooling by Milva MacDonald”

Solstice End of Year Reflection: What’s Really Important?

This has been a hard year.

My mom was diagnosed with ALS in February, followed by two feeding tube surgeries, a move back east and rapidly progressing symptoms. My big brother had a bad fall with complications. One sister needed a brain surgery and still needs neck surgery.

And yesterday, the longest night of the year, I’d started my year in review that often morphs into  me beating myself up about all the things I didn’t accomplish that I intended to, like:

  • only 16 blog posts/28 newsletters instead of 52
  • no speaking gigs
  • just a few books sold and no marketing plan
  • still piles and piles of mama’s files to be gone through
  • no LifeSPARKS course completed
  • my messy, messy house

The list of what didn’t get done, or done well, could go on and on.   Continue reading “Solstice End of Year Reflection: What’s Really Important?”

3 Simple Steps for Self-directed, Lifelong Learning

Here is a link to my guest post titled How to Use the Ask Try Do Framework for Self-directed Learning published on the Outschool blog.   OUTSCHOOL is a platform to make it easier for finding and offering activities for homeschoolers, something that would have been great to have while we were unschooling.

The post is about using the Ask-Try-Do framework, explained in my book, and applying it in two subject areas—writing and history.

Transitioning from the school mentality to self-directed learning can be tricky at first.

Like peeling an onion,  making the change to self-directed learning can happen one layer at a time.

Here are two examples of applying the Ask-Try-Do Framework to subject areas from our homeschooling journey.  Continue reading “3 Simple Steps for Self-directed, Lifelong Learning”