Travel and Learning: 12 Topics to Take Beyond Textbooks

Travel and Learning:12 Topics to Take Beyond Textbooks, photo of marble section from the Roamn Forum,

Breathing in the air and aromas, walking in the footsteps or examining firsthand what I have studied or read about is thrilling. I get goosebumps just remembering the first time I: stood under the towering, majestic Redwoods I’d studied in Botany had a slow meaningful conversation in Spanish about education with a woman in the … Read more

Y is for Yell Yes!

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School Series. Brought to You  by the Letter Y. Yell Yes? Yes! When invitations, opportunities, new eXperiences come your way, yell,  “Yes, I’ll try that.  Yes, I’m  in.” When challenges, obstacles, bumps,  or frustrations come along to make things hard, yell,  “Yes, I can deal  with this. I … Read more

X is for eXperience!

Part of the ABC’s of LearningBeyond School Series. Brought to you by the letter X. eXperience. “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” Albert Einstein eXperience what you are learning, whenever you can. eXperience to eXpand your thinking and your limits. eXperience and eXplore new cities, countries,  the world. eXamine the eXperiences and eXplanations … Read more

W is for Write.

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School Series. Brought to You by the Letter W. Write. Write everyday, write in some way. Write while you work, write while you play. Write a love note, a blog, instructions, a book. Write to think and reflect, to take a deeper look. Write about what you’re learning … Read more