Words from Frances Zomer, aka Thiel Fellow Chris Olah’s Mom

Interview with Frances Zomer, aka Thiel Fellow Chris Olah's mom LisaNalbone.com

Who knew…

  • That your baby could speak in complete sentences before 18 months?
  • That you could have a baby that preferred household appliances to toys?
  • That at four your toddler would ask questions, as most four year olds do, but supply his/her own detailed answers, such as, “Where does that sod grass come from?” The “mommy answer” is, “From a farm sweetie.” Apparently this wasn’t good enough and 4 year old Chris constructed his own theory, “For you to understand, picture your cookie sheets, only deeper and longer. They are in a greenhouse. They put soil in the trays and then grow the grass and roll them up.”

What’s a parent to do?

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Introducing Interviews with Parents of Thiel Fellows

Introducing interviews with parents of Thiel Fellows at www.lisanalbone.com

Since Dale received the Thiel Fellowship,  as a parent of a Thiel Fellow, I’ve gotten questions about our parenting journey such as:  How did we help him get involved? How did we make him self-motivated? What do you do with self-motivated kids? How do you help a kid that is smart beyond you and gifted? … Read moreIntroducing Interviews with Parents of Thiel Fellows

It Takes a Community…

It takes a community, www.lisanalbone.com

Stuck.     Again.    Sigh. Time for a break. I decided to take care of a few errands. I walked down to one of my local tasting rooms, Berryessa Gap Winery.  Happily, in Winters, even though you walk downtown on your own, you don’t have to taste alone. I ran into a couple in … Read moreIt Takes a Community…