Learning doesn’t begin or end with school.

Humans are hardwired for learning all the time. And what’s even more wonderful is that learning works better when it is fun, hands-on, and motivated by the heart and interests of the learner – no matter the learner’s age or goals. My books and stories embrace this empowering truth and support ways for you to reclaim the power and joy of learning for your life.

What are you interested in learning?

I’d love to know. I love to hear from readers and other lifelong learners.

I love learning and have a huge to learn list that’s always growing. I especially love learning by doing–which can be slow or fast, and is usually messy.

Do the best you can until you know better.
When you know better, do better.
– Maya Angelou

The quote above is my touchstone to give myself some grace for being human and learning messily. I refer to it a lot, along with my motto for self-directed, heart-centered, connected learning and living: ask hard questions, try new things, do what matters.

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