Parenting Tips from Jack Andraka’s Mom, Jane: Showing up and Keeping it Real

  Jane Andraka is warm, funny, and down-to-earth mom, who happens to be, according to Forbes magazine, “a genius at raising brilliant kids.” Her sons Luke and Jack have been taking the science and engineering world by storm, while still in their teens. Her younger son Jack developed a break-through, simple test for pancreatic cancer … Read more Parenting Tips from Jack Andraka’s Mom, Jane: Showing up and Keeping it Real

Empty Nest, Full Heart

Empty Nest, Full Heart

My nest is empty but my heart is full of: Love and pride in the amazing human being that is ready to loosen or break the apron strings,spread their wings and fly. Appreciation for the interesting, joyful, fun adult companion and friend they have become in addition to being my baby. Sadness to see them … Read more Empty Nest, Full Heart

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Wedding Vow Preparation and Reflection at the Beach: 25 Years Later at

My 25th  wedding anniversary is in two days. Summer solstice time.   Time to reflect. I read my vows and get teary. They are so great. Sweet. Naive. We spent so many hours at the beach, sifting through beautiful, smooth stones as we discussed, chewed on, wrangled, and negotiated over what we wanted to say, … Read more What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Ode to an Unsung Hero

Happy Father's Day, a fthers day tribute at

This post was written when I saw the Unschooling Blog Carnival’s June Theme Celebrating Fatherhood. I realized I don’t express my appreciation enough and decided I wanted to chime in.  I get lot of strokes for being Dale’s unschooling mom . But really,  I couldn’t have done it without Pierre. Dad went to work while … Read more Ode to an Unsung Hero

A Mother’s Day Thank You

There are so many people I would love to acknowledge for their support, influence, and contribution to our parenting experiment. I know if I started naming names I would invariably forget to include someone and maybe hurt some feelings. Which I would never, ever want to do. First, of course thank  you to our mothers, … Read more A Mother’s Day Thank You

Grow the CAN-DO & DIY Mindset

I’m often asked how we “made Dale so motivated and actually get things done”. How can you grow the can-do & DIY mindset?   Most of it had nothing to do with us “making him” but letting him. It had more to do with not immediately filling his every want and then allowing and helping … Read more Grow the CAN-DO & DIY Mindset