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Book Covers Peek

Here’s a peek at the covers of the LifeSPARKS Series I’ve been working on.

My writing journey, like many self-directed learning journey’s, hasn’t exactly been linear.

The books are designed to work together – presenting the big picture ideas and foundations, then practical strategies act on those foundations to change your approach to learning ,and finally a planner/journal that uses all the tools from Book 1 and 2 to walk you through implementing a specific 4 week learning journey based on your needs and goals.

Book 2 – Learn More, Worry Less, Love Learning: Tried and Tested Strategies for Self-directed, Heart-centered, Connected Lifelong Learning, and Book 3 – 4 Weeks to Joyfully Learn What You Want: Your Self-directed Learning Journey to Plan and Reach Your Goals are almost ready to go.

I’m still writing, revising, editing, rewriting Book 1 – Harness the Power and Joy of Learning for Your Life. But the front and back covers for Book 1 are completed!

It is so much easier for me to talk to people sitting with me and answer their questions using hand motions and facial expressions than it is to get the words down on paper. I’m still learning. And keeping on. Using a lot of those strategies and ideas from the books. I guess that old saw about teaching what we need to learn gets repeated for a reason.

So, what do you think? And feedback for me?

How about you, what learning projects are you working on?

Thanks for reading,

XO Lisa

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