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6 Strategies to Help Embrace Discomfort and Challenges

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We all know that life is full of challenges we can’t control, and dealing with challenges and new learning can be uncomfortable. But why embrace discomfort and challenges? How is that different than just “sucking it up” and powering through?

Embracing discomfort and challenge makes it easier to find the joy in what ever journey of learning that we’ve been given.

It helps you shift into claiming your power to ask, try and do instead of being a victim of circumstance.

Instead of gritting our teeth and bearing the negative, we can relax into acceptance and find the positive.

How do you make the switch?

Try using these mindset shifts as you allow yourself to practice embracing discomfort and find joy in the learning journey.  


Feel the Feels and Release Resistance

Sometimes I spend more time and effort resisting situations than it would take to change the situation. Whether it’s the little things like pile of laundry or a cold, or big things like ALS or job loss, letting go of wishing the situation didn’t exist makes it easier to do something about it.  Before releasing you have to accept, this is where I am, what I’ve been given. Do you feel sad, mad, frustrated? Okay, feel it. Breathe in and out. Ready to release? This is where I am now and I can learn what I need. Breathe in and out.


Open to Opportunity

O is for open.  And optimism. Ask the question – what are my opportunities with this situation? What can I learn? How can I grow?

Share and Support

It’s nice to have support! It feels good to give support. When you are learning something new, going through a difficult time, trying to make a strenuous change, it’s wonderful to know you are not alone.It can help to have a place to say, I’m going to do this, and then check in and say I did it, and this is what I learned. Sharing strength with others – yours and theirs – can really help you keep on going when the going gets tough. There are many ways to find support offline and online, whether it’s finding an accountability buddy,  letting a friend know how it’s going, or paying for professional support that you need.


Catch Your Complaining

Complaining is such a habit for me! How about you? But when I focus on the negative and talk about it, it just makes me feel worse. So, try to catch yourself if complaining and focus on the opportunity, the possibility, what you are learning.

Choose Gratitude

Yep. Not just feel it when something amazing happens, but choose it even when things are hard. Choosing an attitude of gratitude as your default way of looking at the world transforms the moment, the day, your learning, and life.  I’ve experienced the benefits of gratitude,  but it is not my idea. You can look to neuroscientists, spiritual leaders, counselors, and many others to find reasons why to choose gratitude. It works.

Welcome Joy

Invite joy in and welcome joy into your heart and home. You can make joy at home in your heart no matter what’s happening on the outside. Joy isn’t dependent on circumstances and that can be a big mindset shift. I can feel joy even if …..

Embrace the discomfort of new learning. If possible shift to focusing on what you love instead of your fears.

Be present in the moment of your opportunities, gratitude for the gift of here and now, and trust is your capacity to learn.  Practicing mindfulness and mediation, even just 5-10 minutes a day really help. Reading The Book of Joy is inspiring too, and full of great reminders to help you welcome joy.

Over to you:

What strategies do you use to embrace challenge and difficulty?

How do you find joy in situations that seem not joyful?

Did you try the 5 day embracing difficulty challenge? What strategies did you use?

Here’s to learning joyfully!


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