Summer Solstice Celebrations

Summer Solstice.

Welcome summer, midsummer, midyear.

Half-way through this year’s turn around the sun.

Time for celebrations and of course, reflection.

I love using the rhythm of nature as periodic check-in points, to ask: 

How am I doing?
Am I headed in the direction I want?
Am I doing what matters?
What’s going well?
What do I want to change?
How do I want to chart my course from now until equinox?
Am I remembering to celebrate the now, the progress, the people in my life?

Several simple summertime celebrations:

Skywatching – get outside, away from city lights if possible, lay on a blanket and watch the stars, moon, planets, make wishes, express gratitude, sigh deeply.

Solstice Celebration – with your family or a few friends, last minute invites are ok, gather and appreciate being together now. Salute the sun. Make some art.

Strum, drum, or chant – make some music. Some places, like Paris, have a huge music festival on the summer solstice.


Sip – try some new libations, make some up, alcoholic or not – have you ever made a shrub with local fresh fruit? see recipe in links. What do you have around that you could make into a new delicious drink?

Get silly – costumes, flowers, fruits, games – what do you want to bring more of into your life? Can you set aside even an hour to step outside the normal routine and add some silly to the solstice?

Get serious – find some space to listen to your heart and answer the questions above. Light some candles, go out into nature, get away from it all, and take some time to reflect and plan. Serious can also be a celebration of taking care of yourself.

Get scrumptious – cooking up something new with fresh, local, produce is always a joyful way to learn and celebrate.

Enjoy the season wherever you may be, ready, steady, go!
XO Lisa


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