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A Real World Resource that Rocks: Your Library

If you’ve been here before you already know that I love libraries!

Libraries were a favorite resource for me long before starting down the homeschooling/unschooling/uncollege path.

Libraries have been a mainstay of knowledge, information, friendships, free and low cost books and other learning materials, and access to the internet. They provide low cost options for meeting space for groups and have been a second home and free source of entertainment when our budget was beyond low.

We use our local library and explore libraries where ever we go. They are a fabulous, free resource for all ages and stages of lifelong learning.


  • Browse the shelves, areas, displays, nooks and crannies.
  • Check the internet and computer use policies. Is there any training offered?
  • Explore all the resources, activities, groups and spaces your library offers. Is there a knitting group? A book discussion group? A teen or tween art or activity group?
  • Make friends with the librarians and reference desk helpers. Ask questions.
  • Find the local Friends of the Library information and sales area. Books and materials are usually very inexpensive.
  • Check out volunteer programs, job-training or internship programs run by the library or the Friends organization.

What are you waiting for — check it out!

Favorite Resource Series:Libraries at

This is  National Library Week! Great opportunities for discussion.

You can read here about why libraries have been my saving grace and here about all the reasons why volunteering with our library provided enormous amounts of real world learning for Dale and our family.

What is your library story?

Send me your favorite library story at or tweet me a  photo of a library you love!

I’d love to hear from you,  Lisa.